Yesterday I met up two friends down at the club to try two new additions to the pile ‘o games, namely the long overdue (for us at least) expansion for the Blood Bowl: Team Manager card game and the newly released Relic, both games are available from Fantasy Flight Games.


We decided to try Relic first. After having spend way to many hours playing the old Talisman game with the expansions (I have the dreaded Timescape expansion) during my teenage years I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. The game is for better and worst Talisman In Space with a couple of extra rules. Our game quickly became a stereotypical Talisman game, with me and one of my friends not being able to do anything because of the lack of gear and the other friend somehow succeeding with more or less everything. The rules seem to be pretty solid and the changes from old Talisman to new Talisman to Relic has improved all aspects of the game.

Even tough it’s not a game I’ll be begging everyone to play every chance I get I still think it’s a keeper plus the gaming pieces consists of surprisingly detailed busts of the characters.








As for the BB game, we have played Team Manager quite a lot before and it has been one of the better games of 2011 (I think it was released back in -11) in my opinion. At first when I heard about it, I was convinced that it would be one of the worst games of that year and didn’t really see how the would translate it in to a card game but they didn’t just manage to make a game, but they made a fun, strategic and fast game backed by one of the strongest fluff machines in wargaming.


I’m hoping to try it out later on today. I did spend some time yesterday going over the new rules booklet and the new cards and from that it looked very interesting. The new teams seemed to be pretty good and balanced.


Painting my Woodies is not going by fast… it feels like it’s taking forever so I guess it’s good that I have more the a month left till the tournament is being held.


LINK to BB:TM site

LINK to Relic site