Mutant & History

History lesson #1 for today


Here in Sweden we’ve had a very active and productive gaming culture since the 80s when RPGs made it over here and got a bit more mainstream. From my point of view we’ve had three major RPG Ip’s, Drakar & Demoner (Dragons & Demons) which wasn’t very original and started somewhat as a copy of DnD but eventually grew into it’s own game and setting and has been the most popular of our RPGs.



The second game is my personal favorite, Kult (Cult) a very Clive Barker inspired game that takes dark and fucked up to a new level. I’ve never seen a darker RPG before or after Kult. It came with a good amount of fluff and a decent system. The only problem with the game was that it was hard as hell to GM with all the psychological, creeping horror that will drive you insane. The game coused a lot of controvercy here as the media tried to tie it to a double murder and other things. The game also made into a CCG with the same name which actually was and still is one of the best CCG ever made.




The third game is called Mutant and has seen a lot of big changes over the years and right now, it’s a Mad Max/Tank Girl type of post apocalyptic game and the reason why I’m writing this very short list. The game started as a post-apocalyptic game but has also been a Cyberpunk and a more traditional sci-fi game. I’m sure some of you have heard about Mutant Chronicles which was the last version the original company made and it spawned a CCG and Warzone, a miniature game (that is up on Kickstarted right now). A bunch of years ago a new company got the rights to publish a new version of the old post-apocalyptic game and it has been a bit hit here in Sweden but the company closed down after a bunch of expansion modules and now another company has got the license and have it up on a crowd founding site to get funding and right now they have ~82000SEK pledged out of a 10000SEK goal. I’m very tempted to get in on the deal. The game will continue on the post-apocalyptic theme but with their own twist to it.



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