Daemons & Woodies

Today I had a chance to play another game of 40k with my Daemons. This time against a Arbites army using a Cortez/Henchman list. I’ve played against them before and they tend to do quite well in our local meta and I have a bad track record playing against them, I think I’ve lost all the previous games so I was happy to get some payback.

The first two turns went really, really well and it was looking to be a good day to be a Daemon but it changed after that second turn and I started loose more and more and quite fast. By turn five I had control of three objectives and my opponent had the other two. Neither of us had much left of our armies after a couple of pretty brutal melee fights. I think that more or less the whole outcome of the game was decided with a charge distance roll on turn five. My opponent tried to charge in two squads of Arbites into my Plague Bearers that was holding an objective. I was in luck and he failed the roll for one of the squads, that followed with some very crappy close combat rolls I managed to win the fight and the game. Good stuff.

I’ve also made some progress on my Blood Bowl Woodies. The first five just needs a little bit of work so they should be done soon.