Loot for my Daemons

Two days ago I got a package with FW goodies, 2 Decimators, each with a Butcher Cannon and a Close Combat arm plus 6 Plague Toads to use as Beast’s of Nurgle.

The Decimator is a nice and easy to build kit that I can highly recommend, the only part that required some extra thought was the legs and how tall you want them to be. I build mine somewhat taller then the photos from Forge World and with the shoulder pads on they land at just below 11cm tall. Now I just need to try them out on the table. I’m not expecting any miracles from them but it’s going to be nice with some non psychic power based shooting. The plan is to get 2 or 3 Plague Hulks as well to get some more AV models in the army.

On to the Toads. I just have one thing to say about them: Absolutely awesome. The sculpting is top notch and the casting just as good. The only 2 downsides with them is that first, they are quite a lot bigger then I thought and won’t really fit on 40mm bases, and secondly, the feet had some small problems fitting nicely to the body but it’s easy to fix with some putty and wont take much time.


Loot-3-2013-04 Loot-1-2013-04 Loot-2-2013-04