Woodie Linemen Done

Today I played a, what I expected to be a fast game of Dystopian Wars which I haven’t played in a long time now. We ended up being 4 players and we played an old scenario from Battlefleet Gothic (might have been called Mexican Standoff) and the game was everything but fast. It took forever. It was a fun gave even with the slowness and we stopped playing after a long and blood battle and while we didn’t count points to see who won I think I came in second.

Me and a friend have been talking some about the “The Empire of the Dead” system as we both love that setting. While looking for some good reviews I found another game kinda in the same genre, “In Her Majesty’s Name”, a game that’s being published by Osprey and after reading through a pretty heavy thread about it over at LAF I went ahead and pre-ordered it. It should be released around May 20 and it was surprisingly cheap so I’m happy.

I’ve also (yet again) starting to consider getting a smaller scale WW2 game, probably in 6mm. I’ve found some ideas about using Battlegroup Overlord in that scale but I’m waiting for some more info about what rules you need to change. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to pull it off 🙂

On the painting side, not much has happened. I finished the 5 Linemen for my Blood Bowl Woodies and the rest has gotten some more paint on them.

Woodies-Linemen-3 Woodies-Linemen-2 Woodies-Linemen-1-5