Foam, Glorious Foam

Today I received a huge package from Feldherr. A friends told me that they were having a sale on their huge storage box filled with foam all with small manufacturing errors so I ordered on Sunday evening with a nice 50% off the usual price. I didn’t expect it all to be usable but with that price it was to hard to say no ;).

So going over the trays around half of them doesn’t have any manufacturing errors that I can see and the other half was not as fun. It was raster foam but the problem was that are already glued to the bottom so it’s a pain in the ass to cut out the holes. But hey, for that price I’m not gonna complain much and I’m sure they are usable, it will just take some time.

On other parts of the internet there has been some very bad news the last day or two, GW is shutting down Specialist Games which I can somewhat understand from a business POV but as gamer and as a long time fan of those games this news is sad and make me slightly pissed off at them. In my opinion, Epic: Armageddon might be the best game GW has ever made, even if all the work the last bunch of years has been done by fans, and it’s the same with all of them. I’m seriously considering cutting down on the GW spending a lot because of this, might be a somewhat silly response.