Axis & Allies

Yesterday I got recruited to play a game of Axis & Allies down at the club with some friends. When I was younger I played it a lot with the old advanced rule packs but I haven’t played it in probably 10 years or more so I had no experience of the new versions. We combined a bunch of the new ones so we had a full world map to play on. We randomly choose our nations and I got to play Italy which I’ve never done before.

Fortunately for me the rules hadn’t changes much since I played the last time and it come back quite fast. The problem for me was the lack of experience playing Italy and it didn’t go all that well.

We didn’t get a very good start but managed to turn it around after a couple of turns mostly thanks to my teammates and I managed to take over Egypt. After that it started to go downhill for me and somewhat for the German player, he didn’t get the momentum rolling in the war against Soviet and the British started making my life hard in Africa. When all of that was happening the Japanese player started to advance more and more into China and Soviet while holding his own against the US and winning most of their naval battles and it kept going better and better for him and when we stopped playing he had a big lead when it came to income. Unfortunately his advance into Soviet took to long and when me and the German player didn’t have enough support in Europe and by the Soviet front so we surrendered.

It was really fun to try it again after all these years and the rules seemed quite good but could use a tweak or three to make it a really good game. Will I play it again? Absolutely, but not to soon. The guy who owns the game was also talking about buying the WWI version of the game and that I will definitely try that version as I think it could be quite interesting.

After the surrender we decided to play a game of Battlestar Galactica which went surprisingly well as I managed to win as a Zylon.