A&A 1914 And More

This weekend have been quite busy, Friday was spend playing Blood Bowl the Card Game down at the club. It was the first times we tried out the expansion and it seemed quite fun. I got to try out the Khemri team and with their Regeneration ability they were fun to play.

Then on Saturday I got recruited for another game of Axis & Allies but this time it was the new 1914 version we played. I got chosen to play the Germans, which I always hated in the WW2 version. The poor Central Powers did not get a god start at all and during the first 4 or 5 turns the borders didn’t move much against France. It went a bit better against the Russian player and after some almost embarrassingly good dice rolls I managed to trigger the Revolution and by that, eliminating him from the game. After that the Allies tried to blitz us before the units on the Russian front would make it back, but failed and soon after gave up.



The gave was fun but the rulebook was horrible. No index, scattering information under more or less unrelated topics and then the Revolution… That wins the Worst Written Rule award big time. I definitely enjoyed the game and would give it another go in the future.

Today I got some fun stuff in the mail. First I got a small package containing 600 small magnets that I decided to try after finding them extremely cheap on Ebay. The aren’t as strong as the usual ones but they are strong enough for most things I need them for. The second package was ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’ which was a nice surprise as I didn’t think it would get released until next week. I haven’t had time to read it yet but I will post my thoughts about it when I do.