Blood Bowl Tournament


Today we had the first annual Blood Bowl Tournament down at the club, organized and sponsored by a friend and his small gaming store. We ended up with 7 players competing for the trophy and some loot to go with it. I brought my newly painted (just finished yesterday morning) Wood Elves team, the Fannynannies. With not being to many players we all played each other and the highest score in the end would win.

The tournament didn’t get of to a very good start for me, loosing the opening game against a High Elves team. After that it went a bit better, only loosing to a Dwarf team and a huge win against an Ork team. With those 4 wins and 2 losses I actually managed to come in first place which was a very nice surprise. I have to say, I’m very happy with it as it’s not very often I acctually win these things^^. The best game was without a doubt my last game, against the organizers Chaos team. It was extremely close and kept going back and forward through out the whole game.

I’m looking forward to next years tournament and will definitely bring a new team to it.

For winning I got a trophy that will pass on to next years winner and a couple of picks from a box of loot with my choices being a 40k objective set and a Warhammer basing kit, both something I wanted to I’m very happy with it.