Keeper of Secrets Has Arrived



Yesterday I got a nice package that I’ve been waiting for eagerly, not that the shipping was slow, it was actually quite fast from NZ, containing an old OOP Keeper of Secrets to buff up my Daemons a bit more. I’ve always liked that model and when I found a cheapish one on Ebay I had to get one^^ and with that order I have one of the old OOP models for each Chaos god. Next on the list is to get some Khorne dogs.

I also ordered some more FW stuff, 3 Blight Drones and 1 Plague Hulk which will fit nicely with my army.

We’re trying to organize an Apocalypse game the weekend after this coming one and it’s going to be very interesting to try out the new Daemon Codex in an Apocalypse setting. I think they can do well but the lack of EW will be hard to overcome considering the amount of S10 my friends usually brings to the table.