Rethinking Bases for Daemons

So after finishing the bases for my Plague Toads I started to think (which is never a good idea), I started collecting my Daemons quite a while ago and didn’t really think much about the bases for them. I just tossed some pain on and whatever type of static grass I had at home at the moment. The result was good enough then but I’m starting to think they are quite boring and doesn’t really fit with the miniatures in my opinion. So they big question is, should I redo the bases for the army or just try to forget how boring they are?

When I first started playing around with my (very, very slow) Horus Heresy project I bought a Woodland basing kit from Basecrafts ( After I ordered it I decided on a different basing style for them (of course) so I have that excellent kit and I’ve been trying to find a use for it and I’m thinking of using it for the Daemons.

The only problem is (well besides the task of rebasing a lot of miniatures) that I’m a bit unsure if that theme will work on them or not. So the solution? Make a couple of test bases to see how it looks and go from there and I should probably have started this train of thoughts before basing the Plague Toads :))

It seems like we’ll be playing a game of Apocalypse next week. It’s going to be a lot of fun to try out the new Daemon Codex, which I think I’ll bring, either them or SW. The game should prove interesting, a friend jumped on the Tau bandwagon so it’s going to be fun to see what they bring to the table.