Silly Game



This Saturday I was scheduled to play a game of 40k against a friend. It turned out to be the most stupid and silly game in a very long time. We (as in I) accidentally cheated with the setup distance and hence got charged round 1 after I teased him into trying to seize the initiative and succeeding (of course). That in combination with being forgotten by the almighty god of Dice made so we actually ended the game after round one lol. I haven’t laughed that much at a game in years.

My second box of second hand Feldherr foam arrived early last week and while not quite as good as the first one in some ways but I’ll still use more if the foam in this one. I got a bit disappointed at first because I got quite a lot of half trays that I didn’t really see much use for but surprise, surprise, my Epic stuff fits perfectly in them.

I’m soon getting my hand on a box of mix random historical miniatures in a trade with a friend which should prove interesting. I think it contained everything from Vikings to Zulus so that should be fun.

I’ve also come to a conclusion, my pre-heresy project is taking to long of a time and I want to be able to use them before it’s completely done so I’m going to use them as CSM as well. I haven’t played CSM since 2Ed so it should be interesting.