Re-tooling Sons of Horus to CSM


So the planing of changing my SoH into CSM has started. I don’t need to make many changes on the stuff I already have which is nice. So far I have two 10 men Marine squads with 2 Meltaguns and a Champ with Combi-Melta plus a 5 men large squad with 1 Meltagun and a Champ with a Power Axe, all squads sporting a Rhino. That will take care of the Troop section for now, I wan’t to include some Cultists but that will be a later project but I have some cool ideas for them.

As for the rest of the army, I have around 10 Noise Marines that will get refitted and given a Rhino, 2 old Obliterators (ugly as sin but charming in some ways) plus 2 Predators and some old metal Terminators that I’ll most likely switch for the newer ones at a later stage.

For the HQ slot I haven’t decided what entries to use. I’m leaning towards a Prince with Black Mace (as everyone else right?), but then I’m torn between a Warpsmith, Apostle or a Sorcerer. They all have fun rules and while the Smith and Apostle might not be as point efficient they do bring some interesting elements to the army. So I’ll probably end up making one of each^^

The Elite slot is a bit easier to choose from even if there’s a ton of fun things to buy. One squad of 10 Noise Marines + Transport is a must plus a small unit if Terminators to deal with heavy tanks. I would like to get a second squad of Noise Marines but I haven’t found any at a good price yet.

Fast Attack is quite easy. This time around I don’t really care if I’m spaming the flavor of the month or what not (I usually don’t play like that) but damn it, I’m going to have 2 Helldrakes!

Heavy Support is also quite the hard category to choose from, there are to many fun things. I want to have a small unit of Havocs or two but I’m not sure how good they actually are. 2 Obliterators will also join in and maybe a Defiler that I might buy from a friend.

That is the (very) rough plan for the army. The good thing is that I don’t have to buy a lot of new things for it as I have a lot of the stuff already. The general theme of the army will be Cthulhu-light with mostly Marks of Slaanesh.

When talking about noise, even in the miniature form, comes the urge to listen to some Harsh Noise, specially Merzbow. He’s a genius when it comes to “anti-music”. Making albums with just distorted (and ell the other things they do) samples of animal life and so on..


In other news, no painting yet as I don’t really know what to paint ATM and I’m trying to sell of some tanks that I never uses. 3 Chimeras and some extras will be traded for a random box of historical miniatures and some heads so now I only have like 5 Rhinos (2 are actually Whirlwinds) so if anyone needs a cheap Rhino or 5 drop me en email.