Loot Through the Ages

Zulu War 1 600


So while at the club today me and a friend finalized our deal with handing over 3 Chimeras (I will miss them or to be more precise I miss the old WH Codex so I could use them) some Feldherr foam and some bits and pieces. In return I got a big (much bigger then I thought) bot of mixed historicals. The bulk of the box was WGF Zulu (it was probably around 100 Zulus) and Brits but there was also Vikings, Celts etc etc mostly from WGF as well. There were also some metal miniatures from Foundry that looked great! So now I have enough Zulu warriors to set up a game with them if I’ll ever get them painted that is and if my sped of painting doesn’t change soon I’ll never get anything done.. ever, but I’m still dreaming of one of these days playing a game of Black Powder.

Besides the big box (well it’s in smaller boxes getting sorted right now) I managed to get my hands on a good bunch of WGF Shock Trooper (I think that’s what they are called) Cthulhu/Alien heads for my HH/CSM plus two pairs of two-handed weapons from the Ogre Kingdoms Mournfang Cavalry kit that will, with some work, be used as a Black Mace for my Daemon Prince.






I’ve been thinking a bit about the Daemon Prince and what mark to give him. The easy way out is Nurgle but I already have a lot of Nurgle units in my Daemon army so I’m thinking Slaanesh, because I’ve always enjoyed their fluff or Khorne as I don’t have any prince with that mark. The problem with using Khorne is that I don’t really know what model to base him on.

But anyhow, with the bits I got this weekend and having some Maxmini Bio-hazard heads and Backpacks on the way I’m starting to run out of marines to use them on. I hope that I can remove some of the heads on my MkII Marines without damaging them to much.

Also some more “behind the scene” upgrades on the blog. Profiles being linked to (even if I don’t use them all that much) and easier ways to share the blog if anyone want to do that.