Review: Maxmini Biohazard Heads and Backpacks


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Today I’m doing a small review of two products I’ve had my eyes on for a while but not knowing what to use them for. Then when I decided to kit out my Sons of Horus to Chaos Marines I knew I had to get them and today they arrived in the mail.

The products are made by a Polish company called Maxmini that has been active for a while now and are quite well spoken of on the internet. They have a quite extensive range of bits, full miniatures and even some terrain. I didn’t order directly from them but ordered them from an eBay seller I was getting some other things from anyway.

The two things I ordered was their set of 10 Biohazard Heads and one pack of 6 Biohazard Backpacks that will go nicely together.

The bits came well packed, both from the seller and in Maxmini’s blister packs. Nothing had broken of during the shipping besides that two of the heads had gotten loose in the blister but no damage what so ever.


Helmets-blister Backpacks-blister


So whats the quality like? Absolutely flawless. I have not seen any resemblance of flash or any of the quite normal resin casting flaws like bubbles and so on. The sculpting itself is also very good and I have no complaints there at all.

The price point for the heads are at €5.99 and the backpacks come in at €6.99, not counting the shipping. You can find them a bit cheaper on eBay sometimes but I find the price very reasonable considering the quality in casting and sculpting.

If I had to say anything negative about them, it’s that the backpacks are bigger then I thought and when I first dry fitted it on a miniature (without a head) I was kinda disappointed but when you put a head and arms on, it looks great.


Front Back





Cthulhu approves big time!
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