Internet Tools of the Trade

I’ve been an active user of an internet site called ClipBoard which in some ways were quite a lot like Pinterest but with much better privacy. A while back they informed us users that they are selling it and are closing it down. This came as bad new as I had both invested a lot of time on it and had a quite big collections of clipped photos there and their export system was not very good so I had to manually save each photo to my computer. Not fun.

So after this I started looking around for a good replacement service but found most of them lacking in many areas. I tried most of them during a week and was about ready to give up when I got an invite to I’t not a perfect service but this far in I’m loving it.

There are of course a bunch of other options out there depending on your preferences and how integrated you want it to be to Facebook and other social services.

The bigger ones I tried was:

One thing that many of us have in common is posting our miniatures online. This by itself isn’t hard but quite often you would want to or need to change color levels, brightness or just to re-size the photos. Of course you can use Photoshop or something similar but for 99.99% of us we really have no use for Photoshop. Fortunately there are good alternatives, both for your computer and online.

The ones I would recommend is:

Then you need a place to post you photos, as for uploading sites, my knowledge is very limited as I host mine myself. But you also need a forum or a blog for that mater to show of you work.

The top 3 I visit are:


And then we have the most valuble tool for me, not only for gaming/blogging but to organize everything: