Review: Figure Painting Magazine




Today I’m writing a small review of a new painters magazine called Figure Painting Magazine. It’s a very new magazine with only two issues under it’s wings this far. I remember seeing posts about it when they released the first issue over on some forums but didn’t really pay much attention to it, for some reason I assumed that it was a printed magazine that would be to expensive to have shipped here to Sweden to make it worthwhile. Then after they announced the second issue I actually checked their website and realized that it was a purely digital product and the price was, and still is extremely cheap, running at £1 per issue as of now. So I registered and gave them the £2 for the two issues.

I’ve spend two days reading them a couple of times and I think that reviewing them separately would be best as they changed some things around between the issues. I’ll add some general thoughts after that.


Issue 1



So the first issue runs in at 56 pages which all are filled with content in one form or another. One of the most important technical aspects of a magazine that caters to painting miniatures (or photos in any way) is the quality of the photos. In general they have succeed well with that. Most of them have a good resolution but there’s room for improvement as some of them are a bit on the low side.

Another important factor with any media, printed or not, is the layout and I think they have managed that very well. The format is well done and the balance between text and images work very well.

And then we have probably the most important part of a magazine, the actual content and it’s target audience. They are a bit low on content but for being their first issue I can understand that it’s hard to attract a lot of writers. The content they have though, I found very interesting. There were a lot of miniatures and companies I hadn’t heard about before, and I tend to hoard information like that so I’m impressed. There’s also nice tutorials included.

All in all I would give it a rating of 7/10, which in my book is a good buy.




Issue 2


With this issue they increased the number of pages up to 72, which if I understood it right was something that the community requested and I think it’s great that they took that criticism and made an improvement from it.

They also included a ‘Mailbox’ with questions and criticism they’ve collected from emails and on forums. I like that they have this and I hope it’s something they will continue with.

It feels like there was more content in this issue, not only because they increased the number of pages but in general. One of the new sections, Whats on the Market was quite interesting, showing of some nice products to help anyone in the hobby. There’s also a very well made tutorial for NMM written by Jarek Drabek who has two Golden Demons under his belt.

It feels like most of the photos in this issue was at a higher resolution.

All in all, I would give this issue a higher rating, 8,5/10.


General thoughts

  • I like that the Figure Painting Magazine crew listened to the feedback they got from the first issue and increased the number of pages and added for relevant content. That to me shows that they work with the readers and not just running their own game.


  • Ads are always a touchy subject and it can easily take overwhelm the readers (look at WD for an example) and take away from the reading experience. Figure Painting Magazine manage to avoid this. Sure there’s ads, but they have a good balance between ads and content and most importantly they ads are relevant to to content. So thumbs up for that.


  • I really like how they include the community with dedicated pages for photos from readers and they have a running competition where you can win things by posting photos on their Facebook page.


  • I like that they have tutorials but I would like to see tutorials that’s not aimed at pro painters. I think this is important for reaching out to a bigger audience. This is also something I would like to see when it comes to the reader’s photos. I would very much enjoy seeing photos of, not only absolutely mind-blowing stuff but also of things I could do myself.


  • And then the only real criticism I have, why limit the number of times you can download your bought issues? I do not understand that decision.


So what do I think of Figure Painting Magazine as a product? I love it and would give it, as a complete package a 9/10. I know I will continue to buy it and I hope they will keep putting out this great product for a long time. I also hope that they keep listening to the community to make it even better with time.