Shadows of Camelot & Nurgles Glorious Rot

This last weekend I was talked into join my sister to meet up some friends for a game or two. It ended up quite fun and I got to try out some fun games.

We started out with a game of 7th Wonder, which was a pretty decent game and then a quick game of Plague and Pestilence while waiting for some other people to show up. Then it got decided that we were going to play Shadows over Camelot which I’ve been wanting to try it out. We have played BS:G quite a lot in the club and I like the idea of playing against the game and possibly against at least one traitor. I have to say that I quite enjoyed the game. I didn’t come close to winning but I had a very good time with it.

I also got some loot the other day, more FW goodies namely one Plague Hulk and three Blight Drones to bulk up my Daemons some more for the coming Apocalypse update.


2013-06-25-00.16.35 2013-06-25-19.07.50


Plus I might have found someone to unload most of my Necron army to. I’ll be keeping all the old 2ed metal ones but besides that I’m getting rid of it. The decision to sell them came from that I’ve only played them once since I got the army and while being a really, really good army I had a hard time remembering all the special rules they have.. and they have them for everything.

What I’m trying to sell:

  • 2x Triarch Stalker
  • 2x Doom Scythes
  • 1x Catacomb Command Barge
  • 2x Annihilation Barges
  • 9x Cryptecs or what they are called
  • 3x Plastic Lords
  • 1x Heavy Destroyer
  • A pile of Warrior and Destroyer bits.
  • Plus bits from other boxes

If my memory serves me right, most of those things are pretty dark good so it should be a start or add-on of an army.