Buildning a Zombie Rally



Today I started the construction of the gaming board for Zombie Rally made by Snarling Badger Games, a print it yourself game I got from (LINK) a long time ago and recently decided to build it for our small summer convention. I have all the cards done and laminated and I know that I have painted up zombies for it somewhere (I just need to remember where I put them when we moved) and I’ve just today started with the gaming board. The only problem right now is that I have to wait for my miniature bricks so I can start weathering it and slab some paint on it.

My Krootheaded Zulus (Krulus?) are coming along quite well, the only thing lacking right not is arms with primitive close combat weapons, well besides the spears that came with the Zulus that is. Still no progress of finding the right set of rules for me so I’ve slowly started building my own by combining some elements from a couple of games.

This coming week are going to be busy and probably won’t have time for much hobby things as my motherinlaws are visiting from the US, we haven’t seen them in quite some time now so it’s going to be exciting.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up some friends to try to sell some stuff that I don’t use anymore. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚