What a day

So it’s been quite the day today. I found some very nice converted VSF Brits combines with Tau parts so I’ve been doing my best of copying the concept as I really liked the combination and I happened to have a bunch of Tau in a box collecting dust that I got from a friend a long time ago.

This is what I’m going for:




And this is the sad state they are in right now:

2013-07-03-20.41 2013-07-03-20.35.18



After spending most of the day with my in-laws my phone beeped and told me that something had been charged on my credit card, which I hadn’t used for days so I called the bank, kinda freaking out and it seems like someone had hijacked my credit card number and used it for some UK based gambling site so now I’m out quite a bit of money until the bank sort it out and I won’t get a new card for around a week. The good thing is that the bank said I would get my money back but I don’t know how long it will take.

But all that aside, I did end up getting a small package of madness in the mail from BaseCraft with some needed paints and two bags of scale bricks to line the sidewalk of the Zombie Rally game board. They were much smaller then I thought and damn, after gluing around 200 of them on each side of the street, I’m never doing that again so it better damn work.

I did manage to snag a couple of things from Victoria Miniatures and the Bolt Action rule book and some more Zulu Brits.