Planning VSF

First layer of paint on the Zombie Rally board is done and now I just need to find some bigger pieces of foam to start laying down highlights and then some detailing.



I had a look through the boxes with my build VSF forces (noting painted yet though) and apparently I have a bit more then I was expecting… around twice the amount. I’ll pretend that I don’t have 60-70 Zulus still in a box.

So what I have this far:

  • 40 French Riflemen
  • 10 French Kroot
  • 38 Brits, Zulu Wars style + ~20 in metal
  • 20 Aetherscaphs battle automatas
  • 23 Zouaves
  • 10 Zouaves Kroot
  • 5 Tracker Kroots
  • 20 Native Kroots
  • 10 Native Kroots CC

The three main factions I’ll make to begin with will be the British Empire, the US and the French, all with some added natives when needed.

While they’re build they are not done, I need to change around a lot of the weapons when I manage to find some decent looking ones for the period. I tried to build a ray-gun today and the result was laughable so I’m looking to buy them instead.

My BA rulebook got shipped out today so I should get it quite early next week. It’s going to be interesting to see exactly how adaptable they rules are. I’ve read up a lot on it and the main complaint people seem to have is that it’s to generic so if that’s true it should be easier to adapt. I’ve started playing around gathering some ideas using the quick reference PDF that Warlord has released.

I’m really looking forward to giving this genre a go, I’ve been talking about it for a long time and now it will actually happen. I’m considering setting up a demo game for later this year. It would be fin to run a VSF version of Rorke’s Drift.