Unexpected Loot

Today was the annual meeting with one of the gaming clubs I’m in and apparently it was also time to divide up some loot that has been collecting dust for a year or more. I managed to get some good stuff, some cool stuff and some stuff that I just wanted for the collection.

First of I got a pack of Rackham Wolfen Hunters that will be useful to give the VSF natives something bigger.




Secondly I got a Discworld Troll Detritus miniature from Microarts Studio, quite big chunk of metal.





Thirdly I got some female rouges from Fenris, beautiful models.





And lastly, I got some old wargaming rules to add to the collection.

And some exciting, Hinterland has released some new stuff, among other a very nice robot that I had to get.. and some horses ūüôā