Weekend of Gaming

Yesterday we played a game of Galaxy Truckers with the two big expansions. The game definitely got better with the expansions but I still don’t really like it, never have and probably never will.

I’ve spend the last couple of evenings putting my VSF miniatures on bases and I’m starting to question the amount of miniatures I’ve put together for this. I’m not looking forward to basing them and painting them. But to get some form of motivation I’m planing to join the Army Painter challenge over at LAF ( ) as soon as I can decide on how to base them and how I’m going to paint them. I hope this can keep my motivated and make me get over this painters block I’ve been having the last months. Right now everything is tossed in a growing pile in a box waiting to make a trip to my mothers garage so I can prime them.

Figure painter magazine has released a new issue, I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I plan to do a small review of it to follow up my review of the first two issues.

Tomorrow we at the club start a hosted weekend of gaming as we usually do every summer. I don’t think we will be that many people this year as we were quite late with the planing of the whole thing. But it should be fun anyway. More gaming is always good, right?

Next week both me and the wife has our birthdays so it should be a good week and hopefully some good loot. I’m also hoping that I’ll get access to a better camera quite soon. My camera nut for a dad is upgrading his arsenal and won’t have use for all of them so I’ll get it for a good price. I’m looking forward to having a real camera again, I haven’t had a good, real camera since the dark ages (before then went digital) plus I’ve always enjoyed photography and would like to know more about it then I do.