Weekend AAR

So this weekend we were hosting our annual gaming get together. While we didn’t end up with as many visitors as we usually do I had a good time. I got to try out the Zombie Rally game, which tbh was kinda bland so I’m expanding it with some home made rules, and loose in almost all the games we played^^ so all in all it was a good weekend hanging out with friends.

This week is birthday week plus that we are trying to get a game of Apocalypse in over the weekend with some friends that are visiting over the vacation. We have also started talking loosely about playing a bigger Apocalypse game in the fall and plan it a bit better and come up with some good house rules for a couple of things that we think is missing and some rules we don’t like.

Apparently there’s a new expansion for Civ the boardgame on it’s way and I have to say that I’m very skeptic. I enjoyed the original game very much but the expansion killed it for more or less the whole club. It was unbalanced and it made the game much faster imo and didn’t really add anything good to the game. When reading the description of the new expansion it sounds like it will speed the game up even more.

Today has been spend trying not to die from the heat and scanning old photo albums from my mother’s side of the family dating back quite far. Very interesting to see all those old photos and now we know that they will live on even if the physical copies gets lost somehow.