Plague of the Apocalyptic Scale

Wohoo I finally started painting again, not super much but some at least. Right now I’m working on my Plague Hulk and Blight Drones from Forge World. I’ve the basics down on the Hulk and it’s mostly waiting for some washes (going to give oil a real try) and a lot of rust pigments plus making the base.





The Drones needs a bit more work then the Hulk, I would say I’m halfway done with those, some detailing and then washes and pigment and bases. I’m trying out making some slime from a hot glue gun and this far it looks pretty good.

This coming weekend is going to be spent at the club playing a game of Apocalypse. This is the first time we use the new book so it should prove interesting. I’m bringing my Daemons. We’re playing 15k per side. My side consists of me with said Daemons, one Ork army and one Templars army bringing 5k each. What the opposition are bringing, I’m not sure of but my guess would be one Eldar army and one that will be either Chaos Marines or Tau, they will bring 7,5k each.

After browsing the Apocalypse book I have a general idea on how it works. Unfortunately I can’t build more then one formation, the Tetragon of Darkness, it consists of one of each of the Greater Daemons and one supporting squad for each GD. The rules for it are quite good but I don’t think you’ll get to use it for very long as all the four GD’s have to in play (if I remember it correctly).

I think it’s going to be a fun game, one of the opponents is an old friend and long time member of the club that’s visiting.