Apocalypse AAR

Today we finished the Apocalypse game we started yesterday, overall it was a very fun game even if we made a couple of big errors with the new rules, mostly with super heavies and with D weapons and how they work with multi-wound models but it was the first time with the new rules so errors were expected.

The game started out pretty bad for my side, not managing to do much damage the first rounds and the other side did a pretty good job with killing of the two super heavies we had (two Stompas). After two turns of getting beat up we managed to take out an Eldar Titan and inflict some good casualties. Then it changed again and after the last round we played yesterday I lost 2 Greater Daemons and 3 Daemon Princes in one shooting phase and having lost 1 Decimator and my Plague Hulk the turn before, I was pretty much out of the game. I had some infantry and my Blight Drones left and while most of them managed to survive the game, the didn’t do very much damage.

The game ended up a win for my side, decided with one Run roll where we managed to steal one of their objectives. While we did win, we did not win the ‘moral victory’ as two of us was basically tabled and hadn’t inflicted that much damage on the other side compared to what they did to us.


Lots of photos: