The Earth Trembles

So after a lot of thinking, deciding, changing my mind and finally deciding by rolling dice (or actually I got my wife to roll them lol) I ordered a very nice, big and quite expensive Blood-Maw from Mierce Miniatures (LINK). I had some birthday money that needed to get used and the choice was between the Blood-Maw and their Uuthüll (LINK) figure. Generally I do prefer the Uuthüll but I can’t really see me using it in gaming as it looks like a pain to transport and that was what made the decision hard. The Blood-Maw is also a very nice figure and it’s going to be a lot of fun to try to paint it up.




In other news, I’m making progress on my 3 Drones, I have almost everything done besides the bases which I hope to finish tonight so I can get started on my VSF British.


Drones-3 Drones-1 Drones-2



And some random photos of my working space, well besides everything in the bookshelves and closet that is.

WB-2 WB-1