Blight Drones Done

I just finished the last touches on my three Blight Drones’s bases and that should make them done. It’s good to finally start putting some paint down again and I hope it will keep up this way because I have a crap ton of miniatures to paint right now. Unfortunately the Drones did not like my camera so the photos are quite bad.

Blight-Drones-Done-2-001 Blight-Drones-Done-2-005



I got my package from North Star yesterday, filled with bargains. I got my 24 Austrians, 10 mounted FFL and one Lucky Bag which was a steal for what I got in it. Most of the promised 40 miniatures were WW2 and while I won’t need all for myself I can pass them on to people in the club. It also had a bunch of Thrilling Tales miniatures which happens to be one of my favorite ranges for character miniatures. The service and quality is as always when it comes from North Star, excellent.




Yesterday I also managed to start painting my Brits so now I have 24 of them on my painting table. Not much to show yet, I’m doing the base colors right now.