More History

While digging through an old box with photos and letters that I’ve borrowed from my grandma I found a treasure namely one of my grandma’s foster father’s old instruction books from when he was in the military. Addition to the Soldier Instruction (tillägg till soldatinstruktion), they made the book in 1918 and this one was printed in 1921. It contains a bit of everything, how to conduct yourself in war, medals, some history etc. Very exciting indeed.



From going through all the old photos, it seems like we had more family members that was in the military then I knew. I talked about it a bit with my granddad before he passed away and there is two stories that caught my attention.

First of, we had one guy who moved to the US and was send to France (we think at least) to fight in WW1 and ended up getting one of his legs either shot of or shot and amputated.

Second, my granddad’s father was in the cavalry taking care if the horses until he was branded a communist and got moved to a bakery. The funny thing is that he was far from a communist but he was very active in politics and helped starting up unions around here. I don’t really see the logic in moving from taking care of horses to handling big quantities of food.