General Update and WiP

So I’ve been busy working on my Blood-Maw this last week or so. It’s really a very nice miniature even if it’s a bit above my comfort zone. I’m not very good at using green/gray/whatever stuff or any putty at all so my attempts to ‘blend’ the parts to the main body doesn’t look very good but it’s good practice.

The main body is almost done now and I’ve just started shading the mouth and waiting for the primer to dry on the claws. I’ve been using oil paint for most of the skin and I’ll most likely use it for the claws and teeth as well but for the mouth I’m using acrylic (I haven’t gotten used to highlighting with oils) with an oil wash or three for shading.


Bad photo:




I’m actually really enjoying painting the Blood-Maw, trying out new techniques, learning how to use oil paints and getting some practice on painting bigger miniatures. To get more practice, I ordered the Alice and Answers 54mm miniature from Tale of War ( ).

The last couple of days I’ve also spend switching Kanban ( ) system. I used Trello for a while but have now, more or less that is, moved everything over to KanbanFlow wich seems like a better product. I use it to keep track of ‘to-do lists’ on the hole process from what I need to buy, to assembly, to painting and so on. For me, using a Kanban system really helps me to keep focus and keep track on what the heck I’m actually working on.

In other news, today has been a very good day. My mother is turning 60 next year so to celebrate her we have booked a 4 night trip to Edinburgh for me, my wife, my sister and my mother. Neither of us has been to Scotland for more then a couple of hours so it’s going to be amazing plus I’ll most likely get to see Doune Castle where they filmed parts of ‘Monty Python & the Holy Grail’. If that wasn’t enough, my and my wife is going to the US to visit her family over thanksgiving 😀