Blood-Maw part II

More work done on the Blood-Maw today and it’s shouldn’t take much more time to get it finished. The loose claws are done and are just waiting to get glued in place. I haven’t started the teeth just but I’m going to prime them tonight so I can get them done tomorrow. The only thing that’s left on the main body right now is the mouth and it’s been driving me nuts today, I can’t seem to get the right shade of pink/flesh I want for it but I still have some details left there, plus adding blood and slime so I hope it will improve.

I got a new (and cheap) light tent a while back and I finally tried it out today and I like it, almost as much as our cat who thinks it’s hos house.


Blood-Maw-WIP-2-2 Blood-Maw-WIP-2-1