Mierce Blood-Maw Finished

I just finished (well an hour ago) painting the Blood-Maw miniature I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s a quite big lump of resin made by Mierce Miniatures. I’ve been trying out some new techniques on it, mostly trying to figure out how to use oil paint both for the skin and washes so it’s been interesting to see how it turned out.

This was more or less my first time working on a model on this level. It’s so filled with details even if it looks a bit low on details when you look at photos of it unpainted. Most of the details is in the skin without a doubt.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, the only thing I’m not completely happy with is the blood, but I’ve always had trouble with it plus I think it’s going to look better once I’ve varnished it and add some gloss varnish to it.

Considering how much I like this miniature, I’m positive that I will be ordering more miniatures from Mierce, if the rumors are correct they are planing another Kickstarter campaign and of the deals are as good as their first campaign I’m definitely in on it.

I snapped a couple of photos using my light tent (which I love, so much easier to take decent photos with it):


Blood-Maw-Done-1 Blood-Maw-Done-2 Blood-Maw-Done-3 Blood-Maw-Done-4