Rise of the Warlords

So life is slowly returning to a functional state, very slowly and not very functional but still a bit better. I’ve started a new “work training program” in a town close to were I live at an Art Gallery which is more rewarding then I first thought it would be plus one of the bosses there happens to be my old art teacher from high school.

I still haven’t started up painting again but I have some stuff on it’s way here that I hope will change that. I took advantage of Wayland’s free shipping offer and ordered two miniatures from Andrea Miniature’s Warlord range, Zwëothel and Daramis, two lovely looking miniatures that will be fun to paint up. I also got two ships for Star Trek Attack Wing, the Valdore and the Gor Portas and some general basing supplies and some paint.

star_trek_attack_wing_gor_portas_exp-397641377310686d star_trek_attack_wing_i.r.w._valdore_exp-397651377310728d WS-028-01 WS-31-01


I’ve been reading up on Mantics latest project (the Mars Attacks) today and I have to say, it sounds good. I’m trying to talk myself out of jumping in on the Kickstarter.




Last Monday me and a friend met up with a reporter who wanted to write a small story about the club and the building we just recently moved into and the article got published in the newspaper this Tuesday (I think it was). It turned out to be a really good and positive article about the club and a bit about the hobby, how the public views it in general and how the club gets treated. It was very fun to get a positive article out there and some photos as we have had some articles written about us that were pretty horrible. The “best” one mostly focused on how the games we play is just an orgy of violence and darkness. I think the headline was something in the lines of “A dark future of violence” or something like that.


Last weekend we attended the annual youth festival that the town hosts. It was their 20th anniversary so we decided to give them a gift to celebrate it and all the work they do here in the town. We designed a card game for them were you play the youth festival and try to entertain the visitors. We designed it a while ago and ordered it printed through the Game Crafter in the US and it turned out really good. So we presented it to the head of the cultural center and she loved it, which made me very happy.


We were also there to show the kids what we do in the club and play some games with them. We had three tables and two of them were full most of the time so I think it was a success. I think they had around 1500 kids visiting the festival plus a good number of parents.


I got a delivery of some display plinths and wooden blocks that I ordered from the Wamp Store a while back, I think most of then are from MDP and they were really nice. Now I just need to come up with some good ideas on what to use them for^^ Well I do have one or two ideas but nothing final yet.



While writing this post I got an email about the new digital codex for the Sisters of Battle and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. The codex itself wasn’t the problem (and I might order it tbh) but that they didn’t change the price points on the miniatures. Yes they are metal, yes GW is expensive but come on! How are you going to get more people to play said army when you charge £49.70 (yes, 49.70 quid or for that matter, 59.5 if you live here in Sweden) for a 10 man (well Sister) strong squad.


Well now it’s back to old movies and to much coffee…