40k Apocalypse AAR



This last Saturday we played a game of Apocalypse down at the club. 9000Pts on each side with me and a friend on one side and three other friends on the other. We themed the game with Chaos vs Space Marines. I brought my Daemons and my teammate had a mix between Chaos Marines and Daemons. My list was a mix between all the four gods with some Forgeworld units as support and my team mate had a crap ton of cultists, some Plaguebearers and a bunch of Plague Marines and Terminators.

The other team were an alliance between Black Templar, Ultramarines and Blood Angels with each army being around 3000pts. Both my team mate and the Ultramarines player had one of the new Vortex missile bunker and quite a lot of other fortifications.

The game was quite even in general, I played mostly against the Blood Angels army and his Death Company death star unit wrecked havoc on my army the first couple of rounds, he quickly killed my unit of Horrors (with Herald), one unit of Beasts of Nurgle, one Daemon Prince and my Plague Hulk before I managed to kill them all. After they were gone it went a bit better for me and I started taking control of my part of the board securing one objective and managing to contest another one.

My teammate had a good run in the first couple of rounds but got pushed back a bit in the later rounds but still holding a couple of objectives.

In the end we managed to get the victory (even if I can’t remember the final score right now).

Before the game we were a bit scared that the Vortex bunkers would have to much of an impact on the game and sure they were quite powerful and they did a lot of damage but they weren’t as bad as we thought they would be. Mostly because they only stayed one or two rounds due to rolling doubles all the time.




I think it’s that time of the year again, when I start researching pico and micro scale WW2 games that I want to start playing. I was even looking at FoW for a short while before coming to my senses 😉


.. and to end this post, a song that fits when you’re filled with melancholia: