Random Musings

So things are still quite quiet here. Life stuff getting in the way of doing much hobby stuff. I did manage to get another game of Star Trek Attack Wing in this Friday which was fun. I lost but it was still a good game. While not ecstatic about the game itself I think it’s pretty solid and will get better with more expansions so we get some more missions. Missions always make games like that better in my experience. I just have to get started with some painting again so I can repaint the Portas ship as it is quite awful looking. A friend down at the club has apparently ordered the rest of the ships we don’t have yet so it should be some fun games in the future.

I got some more ordered goodies in the mail, a new ship for said Star Trek game, the Portas ship, another Andrea miniatures and some basing stuff and paints.





A while back I was helping my mum go through some old boxes of crap and found some real nostalgic items. Among all the crap was a bag of old miniatures from a couple of years after I started messing around with miniatures. There were some old GW goblins and a good bunch from some other company as well but the best thing I found was an old Ork miniature that I painted up as a character I was playing in a RPG campaign. It was as far as I can remember the first miniature I wanted to paint to a higher standard, and from the photo (even if it’s a bad cell phone photo) you can clearly see that I failed, big time 馃檪 But then I can’t have been more then 14 years old or so. It was quite amusing to find it after all this time and see how terrible I were at painting back then, well not that I’m all that great now either, but hopefully better at least :).





I’ve been doing some research for making a diorama using a book as a base. I haven’t decided on what book to use but I’ll be making the diorama based on the story itself. Right now I’m considering using either an old knight vs dragon story or maybe Dracula or some of the other wonderful old horror stories. I haven’t been able to find that much inspiration online for it which I was hoping for but I came across some great posts at One about photography and one about a small book diorama.