Things to Come

I went down to the club yesterday (as usual on Sundays)  to try to organize the rooms a bit more and play something. We got one of the rooms kinda organized and cleaned up a bit plus we played a game of Galaxy Truckers which I brutally lost. The game is starting to grow on me a bit but there’s a couple of things that I would like to change,  specifically how much time you have to build your ship. The first two rounds are fine but after that you have way to much time to finish building. We added a new rule from one of the expansion that we hadn’t used before, the Rough Road (or what they were called) cards. The had quite a big impact on the game and I think they added some more chaos to the game.

So I’ve finally started working on some miniatures again,  I’ve build all the “display miniatures” (in lack of a better term) and just need to try my best at filling some gaps on one of them. Nothing major but more then I’m comfortable with considering my complete lack of skill using putty. After putting the miniatures from Andrea together I’m still very impressed with the quality of their miniatures. Neither of the ones that I got hardly had any clean-up and all the pieces had a more or less perfect fit.

I hope that prepping the miniatures will get me painting soon as well,  I’m keeping my fingers crossed as my backlog is way too big. It hasn’t been a very good year when it comes to painting. If I haven’t forgotten something I’ve painted I’ve not even finished 50 miniatures which is kinda sad. I really need to start painting like a mad man (well more of a mad man then I already are).

Next weekend should prove interesting,  I got one of my friends down at the club to put together two small FoW forces and he’s going to play a demo game with me so I can see if the game is something for me.

Here’s some bad cell phone pictures of what’s to come:





And some mandatory music,  This time from the always good Laibach, a industrial band from Slovenia. They have been mistaken for being right wing extremists but in reality they’re on the opposite side of the political scale.  They’re mostly famous for their covers and from making the music for the movie Iron Sky.

Wikipedia link: Laibach

Video: God is God