Wamped IV is Live



The annual painting competition over at Wamp is now live. The format this year is a bit different from last year, no categories, no theme, just paint what you want in any scale.

I’m going to do my best to get something finished. I have a small plan on what to enter, right now I’m playing around with glycerin to expand my collection of basing materials. The base will have a deep forest feel (or so I hope at least) which I think will complement the colors of the miniatures. It’s going to be a lot of fun to actually enter a painting competition, I don’t know if I ever have done so in the past and I’m very aware that my chances of winning something besides one of the random prices… Well let’s just say, it ain’t gonna happen. For my own sake, it’s more about pushing my painting.

I have narrowed the choice of miniature down to 3, the Alice in Wonderland miniature I got a while back or one of the two miniatures I got from Andrea. Right now I think I’ll go with the dark elf from Andrea and if I end up choosing it I really need to do some research on how to paint dark elf skin.