Dredd and More




It finally happened, I picked up a paintbrush! While I didn’t get much done, it’s a good start. The victim of the short paint sessions was one of the miniatures I got from Andrea. This far I’ve started the skin, about two layers in and her “armour”. I hope that these painting sessions will last and i really hope I can get the miniature(s) done in time so I can enter them in the Wamped IV competition.

This weekend I had the pleasure to try out two new miniature games. On Friday we played the new Judge Dredd miniature game for Mongoose and Warlord and on Saturday we played a game of Bolt Action.

Some initial thoughts on them:


Judge Dredd

I don’t have much of an back story with Dredd, sure I’ve read some of the old comics but not enough to have a nostalgic connection. My friend who showed me the game have read much more so he’s been explaining the setting and history and I have to say, the background sound amusing. And according to my friend they have a lot of the kinda quirky and surreal old gangs and equipment.

We opted to play the introduction scenario with me playing the street gang. It was a short game but it was also a good beginners scenario. The judge quickly eradicated one of the Punks while another Punk tried to come for assistance and tripped and fell down (a fall of maybe 2.5 meters) and died.

The Judge then found the last of the minions before the boss of the gang managed to stop him with some help from his trusty ol’ sidekick, the shotgun.

While we did play the beginner scenario, which doesn’t use all the rules, I’m quite impressed with the rules. They were streamlined and very easy to follow and I’m quite impressed with the number of gangs they included in the book.

I’ll definitely will get myself a gang, right now I’m thinking Skysurfers or East-Meg.


Old-Dredd New-Dredd


Bolt Action

I ordered a copy of Bolt Action but managed to misplace my copy but then a friend also picked up a copy which we tried yesterday. We made two lists, around 750pts each, British vs Soviet, and then played a quick game.

The game ended a technical draw but I definitely lost the battle, no question about it. The scenario was a “recover something from a crashed aircraft” with both armies starting of table.

This game was also very streamlined and quite easy to get a grip on. The only thing I didn’t like with it, and I didn’t like the idea of it from the beginning, the random activation. I would prefer normal alternate activation. Besides that, I really liked the game. It seems to have a good balance between a fast playing game and details.

The army lists in the rulebook weren’t super detailed but you can play the game without the army books. Although I will definitely get the book for my Soviet army. I hope that it will add some more details to the army building.

After trying both these games I’m quite eager to try this both again.