Wamped IV wip

The painting on the entries for Wamped are slowly coming along now. I finished all the highlighting of the skin on one of them and am about to start shading it before moving on.


I’ve spent this weekend gaming and painting. On Friday I played a game of Attack Wing which I lost, but nevertheless a good game. Yesterday we played another game of Judge Dredd with the full set of rules. I played a street gang and played against a justice department gang with a mix of judges. We played a mission I can’t remember the name of right now but it was basically a generic “hold the quarters” scenario. It was a fun and fast game with me loosing yet again when my last guy ran screaming away from the battle.

After two games I can honestly say that this far, I quite like the game. I’ve raided my lead pile for miniatures that I can use and I found enough for at least one gang and I should have enough for a couple more. Finally I have a use for my collection of old eclectic Rogue Trader miniatures. I also have a Sky Surfer, probably from Foundry that I got in some mixed lot from eBay.

Today we played a 2 against 1 game of 40k, I played my Daemons and my two opponents brought Daemon Hunters, one Grey Knights and one Inquisition based one. I’ve played against the Inquisition army before and never been able to win over it but the Grey Knights were a first for me. I focused a lot on the Inquisition in the beginning and it payed of and earned me a good amount of kill points. Unfortunately I couldn’t ignore the Grey Knight when they got in range and they started wrecking havoc with everything they could assault. But thanks to the points I got from the Inquisition I managed to win.