Judge Dredd – First Real Game

 Yesterday I played my first Judge Dredd game with my own gang. The game went well, very very well. When my opponent’s gang fled the battle I had lost one 25c minion plus that I lucked out gaining a territory and basically doubled my gangs credit value.

This far I like the game, it’s not anywhere near perfect and I’m sure that we will add a bunch of house rules with the first one being the addition of an Aim action to see if that works.

The biggest flaw that I’ve found in the game this far is how unbalanced the talents are. There doesn’t seem to be much balance at all when comparing them.

Right now we’re only two people playing the game in the club but we are working on getting some more people to give it a go. It would be fun if we get a campaign rolling, I haven’t played a decent campaign game in quite a long time so it would be very fun.