Varathar, Dark Guardian – Basing 2 + Weekend Gaming

I’m more or less done with the base for Varathar now, just some small details left, mostly leafs. It’s turning out pretty ok this far.



Here in Sweden we had a long weekend as may 1st is a national holiday celebrating the workers movement through history, so I did manage to get some gaming in.

We started off with another game of Bolt Action, Soviet vs the British which I won after a hard fought battle.

Then I played the first game of 40k in a long time, a very long time. I took my Daemons and my friend tried out the new Imperial Guard book. We decided on 2000pts and played the mission with objectives with random point values. I lucked out getting the highest valued objectives either in my deployment zone or close by. The first couple of turned went very well and I secured 3 out of the 4 objectives. The last couple of turned I started to loose ground and my troops were getting thinned down. With some luck I managed to keep most of the objectives and won the game.

The two most worthless units reward goes to my Bloodthirster and Keeper of Secrets. My BT were hiding most of the game in fear of the AA in my friends army and the KoS never reached the anemia line and almost got eaten by a mysterious forest.

Then on Saturday we had another session of Mutant were we, as in the previous sessions, we failed in more or less everything and it ended with a small riot in our settlement.