Warhammer 40k 7th Edition A.K.A Dark Millennium Edition



Warhammer 7th Edition

So it seems like the rumors were actually true this time. 40k 7th Edition is coming and is coming soon with pre-orders starting om may 24th. The rumored changes have (I’m sorry to say, as always) made the internet doom sayers go bonkers.

FOC and You

The biggest change and the one that I’ve seen most complaining about is the change for the FOC. With leaked photos from the coming White Dwarf the change is confirmed but they don’t go into detail. There’s going to be two ways to build an army, first you buy it the same way as you’re used to and receive some form of bonus for following the FOC or you can buy a Unbound Army which ignores the FOC all together. So that means you can build an army consisting solely of characters, tanks, nurglings or whatever else you may fancy. It does not give you the option of running an entire army of one figure tactical squads as you still have to buy codex legal units.  As for what bonus you may get for following the FOC, I haven’t seen any reliable rumors about it yet.

Psychic Phase and Daemonology

The second biggest change is the reinstatement of a dedicated Psychic Phase just as we had back in 2nd edition or as they do in Fantasy. You generate points by rolling 1D6 and add your master level, not sure if you add together all your psychers levels or use the highest, and then it works like in Fantasy that you use a number of dice and your opponent uses his dice to try to shut you down.

They are also introducing a new school of psychic powers, Daemonology. It contains two sub-schools, the what I assume is protective, Sanctic and the one I want to get my hands on, Malefic. With Malefic you are supposed to be able to summon beings to help you but with a risk. Sounds like it will fit my Daemon army very well.

Objectives, Gimme More

One other thing that makes me happy is the introduction of Objective Cards that, as always if the rumors are true, will give you different objectives each turn. This is something that if done with some thought will make the game a lot better in my opinion. The missions we have now aren’t terrible bad but they are quite limited so my hopes are for a big deck of those cards.

Finishing Thoughts

All in all I’m excited about this edition. I think they made the game a lot more fun with 6th ed and in my eyes a better game moving a bit more towards how the game used to be. And if the rumors are right I think this is another step in that direction. I’m generally quite open minded when it comes to new edition but still with a bit of healthy skepticism but from what I’ve read, I’m all in. Will it be the best system ever made? No, will it be fun? Heck yes, Will people complain about it until the next edition? Yes. And I’m sure it will effect the tournament scene but I’m not part of that scene so I don’t have any comments about that.

I for one can’t wait for it to be released. It’s another step “back” in the right direction (if that makes sense) but then I still think that I’ve never had as much fun playing 40k as I did during 2nd edition.
Some more information can be found everywhere right now but I can recommend The Shellcase’s writeup:



Correction: It seem like the pre-order is going live on the 17th.