Sons of Horus, the Re-Boot

The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes

When I saw that Forge World is releasing the two part Horus Heresy army list books I started thinking about my started but not finished Sons of Horus army and I’m considering finish the army. So I raided the way to full ?closet-of-gaming-stuff? (also known as the local black hole, where miniatures are put away and never found again) and dug them up. Going over them I’m not to happy with the bases I so I’m working on a bunch of test bases to see if I can come up with a better version for them.


The one thing that bugs me a bit with the release of these two book is that it should have been one book, they’re not very thick books, in total it’s just over 200 pages. But then it’s not going to keep my away from them it seems. Plus I’m going to get the Horus miniature, it’s just to nice to pass on.


Crusade Army List
Isstvan Campaign Legions 


I did snatch some new photos of them, I’m still growing in to my new camera so they aren’t very good:


Tac-2 STac-1-2 Tac-1