Dark Times in Europe – Failed EU Elections

Dark Times in Europe – Failed EU Elections

So this last Sunday it was election day for the EU and it was a dark day, a very dark day. For some time now, the extreme right wing has been going up in the polls and they managed to steal this election.

Here in Sweden our rasist party got more votes then most of us could imagine and the huge success for Le Pen and the outspoken anti-Semite and extremely rasist party Front National in France. It’s scary.

I have some understanding that people are fed up with how the EU have acted, especially during the big financial crisis we’re still trying to recover from. But to use that as an excuse to vote for racists, antisemitic and outspoken Nazis, it’s beyond my comprehension. Have we not learned anything from our bloody past?  Apparently not. And if the rest of us don’t start acting soon, it might be to late.

A sad, dark, depressing time indeed and time for me to start considering becoming active in the local politics.


Stand up! Failed EU Elections