40k Has Arrived!

40k Has Arrived!

On Monday this week I got to pick up the new 40k rules. I’ve been reading up on the rumors and confirmed changes last week so I was a bit prepared. I’ve been trying to filter out the doomsday sayers that always take the opportunity to hate on everything.

I’m not going to go into the rules yet as I haven’t finished comparing it to the 6th Ed book yet.

First impressions of the books, very nice product. The binding looks good and they have a much better and cleaner layout now which I really like. The biggest change is obvious them splitting the rulebook into three books which I also am a big fan of. As I’m most likely not going to pick up the started set when it’s released so I’m all for a smaller and not as heavy book. While the width and height of the books are more or less the same as the previous ones the number of pages are down. The rules book clock in just above 200 pages if my memory serves me right.

The other two books in the box are both also really nicely made and while I myself don’t have that much use of them they will look good in the collection.

First impressions of the rules, I like most of them so I think it’s going to be a good edition over all. Now I just need to change all the missions and rules for the club tournament that I hope will be in September.



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