Varathar, Dark Guardian – Painting 3 + 40k

Varathar, Dark Guardian – Painting 2

So I’m almost done with my Varathar miniature. The lizard thing is done, the base is done, the rider is done so whats left is all the small tiny details that will drive me nuts. I’m quite happy with most of it, mostly the base. The rider didn’t turn out super well as I had a small varnish problem, it dried really weirdly and kinda screwed it up quite bad and I did try to save it but it didn’t really work and I’m to lazy to start over again.

Varathar WIP part 3


I got my plinths from Sockermacher and while they weren’t the cheapest place with the shipping, they do look really good. Definitely worth the money. I only ordered two of their “Double” plinths and four 40mm cubes which should last me for a while. I ended up choosing to go with the un-stained versions to keep the cost down but the next order will be stained.

It was surprisingly hard to find a good shop for wooden plinths in Europe that ships outside of the UK. I’ve seen them mentioned a lot over at Massive Voodoo so I thought I would give them a try, which I’m glad I did. Top score from me.


First game of 40k 7th Edition

A while back we played the first game of 40k 7th Edition. We played a 4 player game with two per side, each bringing 1500pts. We decided to play one of the missions using the new mission cards to try them out.

I brought my Daemons, my team mate had his Tzeentch CSM and our opponents both brought IG armies.

It was a weird game with a lot of looking up rules. The mission cards added a lot to the weirdness as they really changed the way we had to play our armies. We came out as the winners by a point or two, it was a very even game by the end. We quickly added up a nice lead in points but our opponents slowly grinded us down with some help from us as “we” killed quite a lot of our own units. My team mate had a deepstrike mishap worth around 300pts and his warlord found himself turned into a spawn. My warlord, a big bird got killed by a bad warpstorm roll.

As far as the rules goes I like most of the changes even if it was a small update. My favorite this far has to be the mission cards, sure they’re not very balanced but they definitely changed the way I play my army.

The change I dislike the most is the change to FMC’s flight mode switching. I can definitely understand why they changed it but it’s still a big hit imo.

We’re trying to get an apocalypse game running soon which should be a lot of fun. I’ve started making some list for it, we don’t know how many we will be but we’re aiming at 15000pts per side.



Massive Voodoo