Cat Related Incident = Broken Miniatures

Cat Related Incident = Broken Miniatures

A bunch of years ago I had a small wooden box where I put the miniatures that I was the most happy with, painting-wise that is. It work well for quite some time until the Lovecraftian nightmare Mi-Go (my cat that is) decided that my box took up way to much space in the apartment, and as all cat owners know, everything is theirs, and it would look better on the floor.

None of the miniatures survived and I more or less just tossed them in a box and forgot about them. So a while back I found them and decided to try to fix them and improve them if possible. Right now I’m fixing a base for an Incursion miniature named Hans the Hunter. After he’s done I need to make a new base for Typhus.

For both those bases I wanted to do something with water and surprise, surprise, a box of EnviroTex Lite was waiting for me in the mailbox. I’ve never used anything like it before so it’s going to be interesting to see if I can make it look decent. For inspiration I found a good article about it on Mathieu Fontaine’s blog (link below).


The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about expanding my Daemon army a bit and while I don’t really want to paint more Daemons there are a couple of units that I want to try out. I’m a bit lost at the moment about my Daemons, in 6th Ed I played quite a lot with FMC and now with the new rules they lost a lot of their strengths. I’m still using them, but not nearly as much. The rule change isn’t the problem, the problem is that I’m to stuck thinking in the same way when I build my army as I did in 6th Ed and I need to find some good, new ideas of how to build my army.

What to Get?

The units I want to try is mostly fast units as I’m quite limited on that front;

  • Screamers (non death star version)
  • Khorne Puppies
  • Juggernauts

Right now I’m thinking Juggernauts or Screamers. I know that Screamers is a better unit over all but the Juggernaut miniatures have grown on me.


To Get



40k 7th, Game #2

Another weird game last week, Daemons vs Daemons and trying to find rules and forgetting about half of them before the game is over^^. This time I got my butt handed to me. I played my normal mixed Daemon, my opponent played his All Nurgle Daemon army. Made a big mistake which cost me quite a lot, but I also was manage to cash in some Mission cards early on. My opponent started slow but he really took charge over the battlefield and I got completely outplayed and ended up very close to being tabled. We stopped the game when there wasn’t any way for me to get a win or draw. If we had played out the last round or two (depending the dice ofcourse) I would have been tabled. Fun game and I need to update my strategy

I still think this will be a good edition.


Daemon vs Daemon

Smoke Free

On another note, no more smoking! I’m using Vaping as a substitute and it’s working great!





Incursion – LINK 
Typhus – LINK 
Mi-Go – LINK 
Mathieu Fontaine – LINK 
EnviroTex – LINK