Rebasing Daemons and Test Painted Daemonette

Rebasing Daemons and Test Painted Daemonette

Quite some time ago I decided to start rebasing my Daemon army for 40k as the “theme” I had gone with looked crappy and boring. I went for a forest theme, not the most original and not very chaotic but I’ve always liked the look of it and they are fun to make. I made a good number of bases and then I kinda forgot about it until now. I have most of the army down at the club but I’m going over the ones I have here at home and also trying to build some more Heralds and a prince or two if I can find a good body for them.

First we have a quick test painted Daemonette:




Khorne Herald:

Herald of Khorne



Fiends of Slaanesh:

Fiends of Slaanesh