Birthday & Summer Gaming

Birthday & Summer Gaming




β€œYou don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”
? George Bernard Shaw


So yesterday was my birthday so that’s 34 years of insanity and gaming (well not all those years). I didn’t celebrate anything yesterday but had some family and my best friend and her little daughter over for coffee earlier today. It was quite nice and I got my first hug from my friends daughter which was fun, a cute little bugger she is.

I tend to never get anything gaming related for birthdays and Christmas but I got some things I wanted this year. A β€œnew” (used but in mint condition) 35/1.8 lens for my camera, a bag, a book about photography, some cash and a Doctor Who sweater. So all in all.. not complaining. We usually don’t give huge amounts of gifts which I think is great. So much less stress around the holidays.

Down at the club it’s quite hectic right now as always during summer vacation. A couple of friends are back here a bit over the summer so we’ve been doing a lot of gaming.

Firefly has seen some good use the last week or so and the same with Civilization, both really good games and I’ve even managed to snag a win from each game this far in.



40k Game

Today four of us played a 40k game at 1500pts per player. On one side we had a Tzeentch CSM army together with some Iron Warriors and on the other side, me with my Daemons and a friend with his Orks.

The game went to well for us, or should I say for my friend. I hardly did anything, neither killing or dying but the Orks had Mork on their side stomped everything. I think the new Ork codex will be a hard nut to crack in our small group but I’m going to enjoy trying to beat them.


40k GiP



Tomorrow we’re opening out annual gaming weekend with some good games and good friends.