Weekend Gaming Event

Weekend Gaming Event


This weekend we had our club gaming event. We didn’t get as many visitors as we usually do but we still had a good time as a couple of old friends showed up. We didn’t have much organized gaming planed but on Saturday we had a Speed Building and Painting competition which was a blast.

We had 7 people digging through a big pile of bits trying to find something good. They had 20 minutes to build something fun. After that we left the creations to dry and had some dinner and then another 20 minutes to paint them.

I didn’t participate in the event but I sat at the table and watched it and it was a blast to be honest.

I managed to get a couple of photos of the creations:



After discussing it a bit over the weekend I’ve decided to go ahead with my Sons of Horus and use them in normal 40k and just avoiding the extreme stuff so I ordered a bunch of miniatures and bits for it. Right now I have an order for a SoH Contemptor with 2 Kheres Assault Cannons and a Cyclone Missile Launcher, 2 packs of Legion Combi-Weapons, SoH Shoulder Pads, 1 MkIII Power Weapons Set, SoH Command and Sevrin Loth that will be converted to Sons of Horus and I “accidentally” added Mortarion to the order as well.